Monday, July 23, 2012

I have been extremely busy and craving to get back to painting full-time. I am presently working on the CBC Radio-Feed NS calendar piece and have gotten back into a few collages that were put on stand-by these last months. My energy had been diverted but it's all coming around now.....

I did say there would be a huge change coming this summer...and here it is. I've moved to 11451 Peggy's Cove Rd. in Seabright, Nova Scotia and I am open for business! I'm operating a studio gallery from here. I've been living here about 5 weeks now and have had gallery open a scant 7 days (weekends) and drawn over 150 visitors (thanks to the Peggy's Cove and Area Festival of the Arts for over 100 of them). I'm showing rooms full of my own work but also am showcasing the talents of Mixed Media Artists Carol Ann McNeil and Mora Morris. Marble and Limestone sculptures by Sarah Irvin, Mixed Media Assemblage by Dianne Crockard and will show Metal Sculptures by local artist and blacksmith, Brennan Gough (if I keep bugging him enough). And how lucky am I to be surrounded by their work?

This is an exciting change in my life. You can now find me in my home Seabright with my Golden Retriever, Onlso and my felines at large, Levi and Moses.I feel so at home here, like I was meant to be. I am open most weekends for the summer and always open by chance or appointment.

I can vbe reached at 902 823 1210 or 902 222 3078

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Pa Ul said...

Interesting post to read. I was wondering about three reasons why you should join Artsia.